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Welcome, come in, come in :) As you can probably tell, I'm kinda new to this thing, but getting there. This is a community for fans of Jennifer Morrison who can currently be seen in Fox's House, M.D. in which she plays Dr. Allison Cameron.

1.) This is a community for Jennifer fans, so if you're not one, don't join. If you just want to pimp your own site, or have a go about her, we don't want to know.

2.) Having said that, if you do have a Jennifer-related community that you wish to pimp, please do so, but only if you come baring gifts as well.

3.) Please only post Jennifer-related (this can be House-related as long as it has something to do with Cameron) pictures. If you wish to discuss something you've just seen, please do, you don't HAVE to post a picture with it, but it's nicer if you do :)

4.) If you do post here, please use proper english, not 'text speech'. Aka, don't post LyK tH!s because it's annoying.

5.) When posting, if your picture is bigger than 500x500, please post it behind a cut, or using a thumbnail (if you're using imageshack, it provides one). If you're posting icons, any more than five then they too must be behind a cut :)

6.) Finally, if you own a Jennifer-related community, or a 'daily', and wish to affiliate, simply post in the affiliates post with a link to your community and I'll add you :)

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